Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find you in the business park?
  • Enter the building by reception (on your left as you enter the car park)
  • Take the stairs to the first floor
  • Look for the blue door with our logo
  • Please Note:
    Do not use the yellow freight ramp or enter the building from Rainforth street
Q: How can I get there on public transport?
  • From Manchester city centre catch the 192 bus to Longsight Library, take a right at the crossroads near Lidl and walk past the market and turn left onto Hamilton Road. Walk down Hamilton Road and turn left into the car park of Longsight Business Park.
  • From Stockport catch the 197 bus and get off just after the Lidl Supermarket.
  • By Rail catch the train to Manchester Piccadilly and leave the station through the lower entrance by taking the escalator down to where the taxis are. Catch the 192 bus towards Stockport.
  • From Levenshulme Station catch the 192 bus towards Manchester and get off just before or just after Longsight Market.
Q: Is there space for bikes?
There are railings to lock to outside.
Q: Is there parking?
There is parking for all vehicles, but you must obtain a parking pass from the window outside reception. If you do not have a pass your vehicle may receive penalties or be clamped.
Q: How old do you have to be for youth circus sessions?
Between age 6 and age 18, adult classes can be accessed from 17 with consent from a guardian.
Q: What should I wear?
Flexible or loose fitting clothing that you can move in. If you're doing aerial consider covering your arms, legs and torso to guard against friction burns.
Q: Do I need to be in good shape?
Everybody has to try and fail before they succeed. It is incredibly beneficial to use your body and mind in new ways. If you're concerned about carrying weight and doing aerial acrobatics, we can teach you trapeze if you can hold your weight for three seconds, and then build your strength from there. Everyone learns in different ways and at different speeds.
Q: How do I pay for classes?
Use our online booking system! We also accept card, contactless and cash at the space.