What can I learn at The Circus House?



Partner Balancing | Acroyoga | Handstand Training

An excellent way to build up trust and communication skills, keep physically active, and create spectacles from nothing but you and another person. Bring a friend or make some friends!

Wednesdays 7:30pm, suitable for all levels


Aerial Acrobatics

Trapeze | Silks | Hoop | Corde Lisse / Rope

Builds upper body and core strength, and increases all-round flexibility and toning. Climb, wrap, balance and suspend yourself in beautiful positions. 

Classes for all levels on Mondays and Thursdays



Rolls | Tucks | Flicks | Aerials | Round Offs

Roll, cartwheel, somersault and manoeuvre your way through the world in style. Bounce off trampettes, spring off our air track, launch yourself over vault blocks and land on crash mats. 

Classes for all levels on Tuesdays


Youth Circus

Regular Circus Sessions for Under 18s

Learn acrobatics, object manipulation (juggling) and balancing acts in our weekly youth circus sessions. Make friends, have fun and take part in shows if you want to! Parents are welcome to stay and watch.